You’re like my brother.
You don’t have a brother.

Back to the far back of the yard, on the edge of the tree line, there was the shed. I opened the door. Nonononono.


I think of that, too: her mind. Her brain, all those coils, and her thoughts shuttling through those coils like fast, frantic centipedes. Like a child, I picture opening her skull, unspooling her brain and sifting through it, trying to catch and pin down her thoughts. What are you thinking, Amy?

— Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Gone Girl (2014) | Directed by David Fincher

"I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer."


by Helene hille Rydén

"I feel like this is some dream world we’re in."
"It’s like our time together is just ours. It’s our own creation. It must be like I’m in your dream, and you’re in mine."

ART HISTORY MEME || [2/2] museums: Vatican Museums - Vatican City, Italy